Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Our blog.


Welcome to the McCann Bangkok blog. A space where we can express ourselves, show everybody else what we're working on, formulate advertising theories, make suggestions, write essays or articles, post particularly incriminating photos of party antics, give notice of upcoming drinks, post layouts we did that never got produced, share great ideas we've had or that we've seen elsewhere, share tips for great lunch spots near the agency, comment on what other people have done... whatever you want.

Anybody and everybody is free to contribute: in fact the more people who do, the better this will be. There are no rules, and it doesn't have to be about work: it can be about anything you want relating in any way, shape or form to McCann Bangkok, work-related or otherwise.

To put up a post, just send it: words, jpegs, mpegs, links: to Khun Nae via the agency email, and we'll do the rest.

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