Monday, 14 May 2007


This is where it begins.

Within a single week, we got confirmation that Nut & Chin's Rising Sun campaign bagged a finalist position in One Show. And that Tee & Chong's Disposable Acuvue ad got shortlisted at Clio. The Clio win was one of only two for Thailand. And nobody else in Thailand got a better result than us in One Show.

We're just getting into gear now. Expect more and more over the coming months as we step on the gas.

Double parked.

The second in the campaign from the People of Bangkok. In this one, they appeal for a more people-friendly urban development policy, rather than the current one based exclusively on cars.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Clean cows.

An excellent campaign for Wall's by Pop. Destined - dare we say it - to clean up at the awards. Nice work, and the first campaign in a series for different Moo formats. Keep your eyes peeled for the "Moo In A Bar" work, which will be completed soon.

Clearing the air.

When it comes to quality of life rankings regularly published by The Economist, Forbes et al, Bangkok perenially ranks towards the bottom of the league of cities. The reasons are many, but are often to do with environmental issues. In this ad, the first of a regular campaign, The People of Bangkok appeal to city authorities for more green space and fresher air.

This work stinks.

A very fishy campaign from Tee & Chong...

Work of great beauty.

Nut & Chin, geniuses that they are, have come up with this great campaign for Boots Botanics. Visually stunning, intriguing, and strategically spot on: the idea being that your skin is so beautiful, it compares to jewellery. This is, by any measure, simply brilliant work and some of the best print work that has ever come out of Thailand from any agency.