Saturday, 28 July 2007

Truth well told. Part 2.

McCann is built on values, philosophies. One of them is creating demand, the subject of the first ad in the McCann Bangkok series. This is the second ad, dealing with another McCann philosophy: category of one. These ads are important: they give substance to what can sometimes be reduced to just cliches or buzzwords, and help us all understand what we're all about - as well as making it obvious just what it is that makes us different from our competitors.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Truth well told. Part 1.

McCann has a philosophy. It shapes the way we work, the methods we use, the systems we invent for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes it helps to remind ourselves of what makes us unique by communicating: communicating to others and to each other. This is the first in the series of ads called Truth Well Told. They're for public consumption, sure, and do a great job of defining what it is that makes McCann different from all of the other agencies. But they also help define us internally, too, reminding us that the place we work in is quite unique. As for the very long copy, well, if your agency can't put together a thousand words to define what it is that makes them different, you should start worrying.