Monday, 14 May 2007

Double parked.

The second in the campaign from the People of Bangkok. In this one, they appeal for a more people-friendly urban development policy, rather than the current one based exclusively on cars.

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Rendezvous said...

Dear Sir,

Most agreeable with the case studies presented in this particular blog. Nonetheless, I do have some penetrating insights into why the 'parking lot' mentality is so deeply ingrained/embedded into the minds of developers/city planners/local residents alike.
1) As everyone might already figured out, out tropical weather is classified throughout the year mainly as hot, darn hot, and mother%$#%#HOT! With the going rate of global warming, it is safe to say that Bangkok median temp would appreciate at a faster rate than the Thai baht. Nonetheless, this is a key factor as to why residents would cut their right toes just to chill themsleves in air-conditioned environments. Developers know this too, and they are more than glad to provide sight for sore eyes and a sink for deep pockets.
2)Bangkok is what I would consider to be a "paranoid induced hallucinating developing city". Of course nothing is planned for the masses of the greater good. Everyman, stomach, and parking space for themselves. Praise the lord for BTS & MRT, but most people would give their right arm to have the ability to make down-payments and subsequently fail to pay installments for their private carriages to get stuck in the giant lot.
3) A suggestion to solutions to megamall projects. Like it is done abroad in certain green-minded conservative cities; there is absolutely no need to purchase new plots of land and start from scratch. Pick or choose from the myraid of older buildings with firm architectural foundations. Then re-enforce the structure, tear down walls, make space, renovate, and stick your stores in! And of course, no parking spaces, not even valet. Simple, erganomical, unobstrusive, space-utilizing, and splendidly nostalgic!